What is InvestorsMeet.com?

InvestorsMeet.com- a global platform aimed to connect Indian Entrepreneurs, Proposers and the Investors worldwide. It intended to create and facilitate the most optimized and viable business meeting place for engaging people in to constructive discussions, evaluation and execution of promising busin... View more

EntrepreneursWith a Commercial vision

InvestorsMeet.com offers an ethical platform for Indian Entrepreneurs to spread wings and succeed in realizing their vision in...

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Investors With a financial vision

InvestorsMeet.com provides a tremendous thrust to the investor and opportunities to their prospective investments in India .Our re...

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Veedukal.com - Exclusive residence listing portal to meet the housing needs of Malayalees across the world.

Veedukal.com is a superior and exclusive residence listing portal. This portal is designed to meet the housing needs of Malayalees across the world. By introducing Veedukal.com, the management aims to create an extreme new experience for residence seekers maintaining the glory of service as the prime motto.


Investment ranges from:

RS 5,00,000 - RS 10,00,000

Type of Industry:

Agricultural, Dairy, Communication Equipments, Bio technology, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Equipment, Healthcare Services, Software & Services, Hardware & Equipments , E- Brand building, E- Brand after sale, Domain Registration, Social Media, Cosmetics, Food Processing, Jewellery, Retail, Chocolate, Music, Toy, Advertising, Electronics, Hotel, Shipping, Telecom, Tourism, Online Services, Online Education, E-Commerce

SharjahDaily.com - online news portal which exclusively speaks for the Emirate of Sharjah.

As is well known to everyone, the best names for a News Portal would be the name of the Country/State/Territory/Industry coming first followed by the word "News" or "Daily". SharjahDaily.com follows this norm and is an ideal one, even to become the official news portal of Sharjah. It is a brand that can change the fortune of Sharjah. In the virtual world, Sharjah Daily is considered as a Premium Power Brand as we own the following - SharjahDaily.com, FB.com/SharjahDaily, Twitter.com/SharjahDaily, Pinterest.com/SharjahDaily, Instagram.com/SharjahDaily, SharjahDaily@gmail.com.

Klaus Schwab

Founder and Executive Chairman -World Economic Forum

Few nations have the growth potentials that India already enjoys. India holds the promise of a most successful future...

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Look, It is around the corner

You have already seen it. But not yet looked into it. Perhaps you are afraid. We have dreams. But we are afraid to pursue them simply because we feel we don’t deserve them. We have talent, opportunity and style. And ready to work hard. But we are he...

K L Mohana Varma

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