• Who is riding InvestorsMeet.com?

    InvestorsMeet.com is run by Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd. Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd.is a dominantly active player in the Virtual business Industry.Having 12 years of extensive experience in virtual business Industry we are a team of professional researchers, analysts, architects and investors in VBI.

  • What is InvestorsMeet.com?

    InvestorsMeet.com- a global platform aimed to connect Indian entrepreneurs, proposers and the Investors worldwide. It intended to create and facilitate the most optimized and viable business meeting place for engaging people in to constructivediscussions, evaluation and execution of promising business in to a reality.

  • Which type of investors will involve in this platform?

    Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Joint Venture, FDI, Equity –Holders, Individual Investors, Corporate Investors, company directors , Seasonal Investors, Investment Banks and any other different type of investors who can be legally categories by the name ‘Investor’ will involve in this platform.

  • How long does it take to register and build my profile?

    Registering on InvestMeet.com is a very quick one-step process, taking no longer than 5 minutes. The length of time to complete your profile is determined by the amount of your business-related information that is completed, or readily available. If a new user has all of their information and files ready to upload, the process should take approximately 20 minutes.

  • How do I know if my proposal has been received?

    Once we have received your proposal or business idea we will send confirmation message Via E-mail and our customer care executives will make a call to you.

  • Who gets to see my information?

    InvestorsMeet.com will only display your basic information (first name, location, company, job title, and personal mission statement) throughout our network for the purposes of search results and matches. A request and approval system is used to find out the best matched entrepreneur and investor within our network. Only potential Investors that you have pre-screened and approved will be able to view your profile. Further, extensive privacy settings are available to set/limit the accessibility and visibility of your information. Your personal contact information can be kept private at all times.

  • How safe is my information?

    InvestorsMeet.com protects your data and does not under any circumstances disseminate confidential information to any 3rd parties, or any other resources outside our network. InvestorsMeet.com uses dedicated servers with custom firewalls and other proprietary security features to ensure access to our user database is locked down and backed up on a daily basis. We are always performing live updates and take our users’data very seriously by safeguarding our network’s protection.

  • How much does it cost?

    You have to pay fixed rate of service charge while making registration with us.

  • How can I pay if I don't have a credit card?

    You can pay by cheque or bank transfer, send us an email and we will give you our account details.

  • How InvestorsMeet.com can help me to find my Investor or business opportunity?

    When you become a member of InvestorsMeet.com, you are joining a huge network of Investors who are here to turn their business goals into a reality. Our exclusive system will match you with other like-minded individuals based on requested skill sets and personality characteristics. These matches will be provided within your personal profile page and you will be able to correspond directly with your potential investors. You willalso have access to our search engine using specific parameters to locate a potential investor.

  • How InvestorsMeet.com can help to get my idea business funded?

    We have a great network of more than 5000 investors worldwide and they are here to research potential investment opportunities. The platform is for entrepreneurs and who are looking for an investor is developed with the ultimate goal of getting your idea or business funded. Your information is robustly matched with investors’ criteria for investment opportunities, so that they will receive your profile as a potential match and you will also be given automated suggestions of Investors who may be interested in your idea/business.

  • Does my company have to be established before making registration?

    No. Any project in any stage can be uploaded.

  • Who do I contact if I need help?

    If you want any help, you can contact our customer support officer or technical experts.We will provide 24/7 access to discussions, forums, debates, technical support and queries.

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