Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

  • We offer best possible service to our customers

    Whatever we commit, we make it happen and endeavor to see that our clients take legitimate pride in choosing us as their business partner. We believe in keeping ourselves up-to-date with the ever expanding business requirements and ensuring that our professional expertise is used in the best possible manner to offer effective solutions to our clients' problems.

  • Ability to leverage a vast network

    We have a great network of more than 5000 investors worldwide. This will ensure that, 90% of entrepreneurs can find out at least three interested investor within a short span of time.

  • Professional Affiliation

    We will match, coordinate, correlate and shortlist prospective investment proposals with the affiliation of best professional services. To provide best service to our users we have business tie up with top most companies.

  • Professional Services

    We will provide professional services such as CA accreditation, after assessment services, Site build up, Trade marking, Private enquiry, Name and color selection, Brand Building, Logo creation, Market Research, Feasibility study and many more.

  • Special Approvals

    Our project portfolio includes general and IM approved projects. General projects will be the independent investment projects where the registered investor gets connected with the entrepreneur directly. IM approved project focus the most promising and quickly rewarding investment projects in the vibrant market.

  • Regional Facilitator

    We have regional facilitator in each state dedicated to supporting you, providing guidance and connecting you to the right investor or entrepreneur. Regional facilitator is responsible to provide all paid services to the entrepreneur when it is needed..

  • Type of Investors

    Joint Ventures, Venture capitalist, Angle Investors, Individual Investors, Seasonal Investors, FDI and any other different type of investors who can be legally categories by the name of 'Investor' in worldwide are involved in this platform.

  • Technical Support

    We will provide 24/7 access to discussions, forums, debates, technical support and queries.

  • Management Column

    We introduce the management column with the idea of cumulative knowledge building. This column will be handled and updated by the eminent management professionals. 

  • Security, Safety, and Confidentiality

    We assure you that your proposals and business ideas shall be safe in our hands. Only registered users have access to public portion of your proposal. You own and keep complete control over all your ideas and proposals.

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