Entrepreneur - A Person with a Commercial Vision

Let everyone know what you want to do and for sure, there would be one who wants to partner you.

InvestorsMeet.com offers an ethical platform for Indian Entrepreneurs to spread wings and succeed in realizing their vision in highly competitive market scenario.

Entrepreneurship is the panacea to sustaining India's rapid economic growth. While we try to understand the charm of becoming an entrepreneur, the question that pops up is, “Is the process simple and straightforward”? How often do we see resourceful ideas getting buried with the protagonists for want of adequate financial support? And where financial support becomes available, the terms of funding would be unsuitable to the scope and nature of the business.

Our goal, therefore is to be a connective platform that combines professionalism, ethics and imagination. And in its scope, we intend to bring together the imaginative entrepreneur with the right ideas and the resourceful investor who has his eyes fixed on the future. We have developed a holistic and integrated approach to handle all investment proposals. The process involves analyzing , matching and shortlisting investment proposals based on a variety of parameters that makes it easy for a prospective investor to pick and choose his 'best and safest bet'.

Our project portfolios include General and IM Approved projects:-

  • General

    General project will be the independent investment projects where the registered entrepreneurs get connected to the investors directly based on our investment criteria. Here both parties will be free to make communication within or outside of Investormeet.com.

  • IM Approved projects

    IM Approved projects list the most potential business ideas selected on the basis of preset and stringent parameters by our enterprise team. They scan all the listed ideas based on the inherent strength of the business ideas, its relevance in time and market for the intended consumer segment and the potential to future earnings and profit.

    Is that all? Not really... We have designed more services in our structure than just being an online 'connects'. Sample this, we provide imaginative ideas and consultancy to our future entrepreneurs on a wide range of operational matters including Business Planning, Marketing, Brand building, logo creation, after sales services support, HR, CA accreditation, intellectual matters and more.

    To make our services easily accessible, each entrepreneur has to pay the basic service charge Rs- 4999/-


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