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Right investments in right place at the right time provides a tremendous thrust to the investor and opportunities to their prospective investments in India .Our registered investors can access the entrepreneur proposal in their preferred industry based on the investment criteria. is the most innovative service platforms of cyber unicorn Pvt.Ltd. to provide a link between the Indian Entrepreneurs and the investors worldwide. We identify, highlight and support large number of investment opportunities in India. Today India has one of the most transparent and liberal investment regimes among the emerging economies. However the quality of its supporting platforms is questionable for its safety and sustainability. We address these challenges to create an effective online platform for all investors.

We feature business proposals above 5 Lac and focused Investor segments including joint venture, venture capitalist, Angel Investors, Individual Investors, Seasonal Investors, and any other different type of investors who can be legally categorized under the name 'investor' across the world. We offer a free Investment registration Service to our investors. is designed to be utilised for all types of investment. Hence we have developed a well suited and integrated approach for the all investment projects. Here we will match, coordinate, correlate and shortlist prospective investment proposals with the affiliation of best professional services .Our project portfolios include General and IM Approved projects.

  • General

    General project will be the independent investment projects where the registered investor gets connected to the entrepreneur, based on our investment criteria. Here both parties are free to communicate within or outside of The investor will be free to make his or her individual decision on investing in general projects.

  • IM Approved projects

    IM Approved projects feature the most promising and quickly rewarding investment projects in the vibrant market. Our in-depth analysis and research lowers the investor's risk. We offer best possible service to our investors by ensuring high quality mentoring, from strategy creation to the execution of the projects. looks forward to working with you to facilitate a right place for your potential investments.


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