Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Offering a platform sans organisational hassles, the Cyber Unicorn Private Limited submitted a unique proposal on Friday called, a portal on the ‘Emerging Kerala’ event. The portal will act as a platform that coordinates the of skills of an entrepreneur and an investor.

According to the officials associated with the portal, any individual, group or organisation, which has ideas, concepts, products or services, can interact one-on-one with the prospective investor, venture capitalists and joint venture partners.

“It aims to help the investors to validate the proposals by getting them certified by the state government and thus attract more investors to the state. In the process, the company will involve the prospective ‘connected’ investors with the most suitable partners. The process will ensure that the investor, regardless of location , gets to know the psychology, attitude and the confidence levels of the proposer, and the proposer would in turn get to know the prospective investor better,” said company secretary of, George Kutty Kurian.

A team of professional researchers, analysts and investors will be working behind the portal to ensure that every business proposal, irrespective of its size and nature, will get recognised at the appropriate level and see the light of the commercial world, said portal chairman, Esahaque Eswaramangalam. He assured that the proposal and business ideas shall be safe in the hands of Cyber Unicorn and their confidentiality will be protected.

But the project is still anticipating support from the government. “We have requested for a single-window system of documentation, clearances and implementations of procedures for proposals cleared for investment through Shortlisted proposals through the portal shall be validated and certified by an authorised state government agency,” the chairman said.

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